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8 Black Friday Marketing Tips for Instagram

Black Friday is like the cue for Christmas shopping, might be a bit different this year, but this is year to scale your online sales to another level. Social media plays a huge part in driving visitors to websites for Black Friday. With that said, it’s time to optimize your Instagram Black Friday marketing to target the right audience, convert posts into sales and join the festivities in the digital world.

Here are 8 Black Friday Marketing Tips for Instagram:

1. Start your Black Friday Marketing on Instagram earlier in the week and end it after Cyber Monday

A one-day event won’t do the job, so don’t do a one-day event, but still have a deadline. Start posting a couple days before Black Friday. You can tease with product reveals, sneak peeks of the discounts and special offers, share a countdown on stories and remind your audience to mark their calendars. Go a step further and suggest subscribing to your website to get an email when the sale starts. This way you will also have their emails for future offers.

2. Plan your content in advance and create strong Call To Action

Plan and schedule your content for Black Friday week ahead of time, that includes: the pictures, catchy captions with a strong call to action, videos, product images, etc. This way you won’t get overwhelmed creating content last minute while also trying to respond to customers’ requests and orders.

CTA examples:

- Ask audience to shop your collection

- Ask audience to visit your website

- To comment on a post

- Pre-order a product

- Subscribe!

- And more

Here @yoourstruuly did a great job encouraging followers to subscribe to their newsletter for the launch of the new collection:

3. Be active and post multiple times a day during the week

This week everything counts, and everything is okay. Flood people with the information they NEED and WANT from your business. Engage with them, answer their questions, share valuable information about your business. Maximize the event and reach out to as many followers and potential customers as possible.

4. Create videos to engage your followers and attract potential customers

Now with #reels is so easy to create quick and detailed videos with music, words and animation. Create videos using your products, explaining your services, fashion hauls ideas or giving out tips about how someone can best take advantage of what you offer. This is a great way to get discovered on the popular page. As you share these, always encourage shares and engagement! Don’t forget about stories, take time creating fun stories with valuable Black Friday info.

5. Create giveaways to get free promotion

Start a giveaway at the beginning of the week where your followers can share your post and catch the attention of people who might be interested in your offerings. Make it purposeful by stating clearly the steps to follow. This way you can get more followers, customers, engagement, and get discovered.

Here's a great example of #bookstagrammer @marasantana17's giveaway when she reached 2,000 followers on her Instagram:

6. Share a promo code specifically for Instagram followers

Make your followers feel special by generating a promo code just for them. Make it exciting and fun and invite them to share their friends on Instagram to get the best deals. For example, you can make a free shipping promo code.

Here @magicdwellshere shares a promo code for 10% until midnight, emphasizing a sense of urgency:

7. Take advantage of the shop tab by creating gift guides

Linking your products directly to Instagram is an easier way for audience to find out more about prices and a quick way to grab their goods. Also, make sure that your website or alternate links are visible and easily accessible on your profile if you do not have the swipe up option yet. Double check that your Call to Action buttons actually go to the desire pages.

8. Get the help you need and use all resources at your disposal

There are tons of information on the world wide web about Black Friday marketing on social media, research resources that will help your particular business be successful. Look at what other similar brands have done in the past that has worked. If you need to outsource your social media management, for content creation, scheduling and responding to customers DMs and comments, do so. Customer service for new customers can be a deal breaker, when done right you will keep customers that turn into loyal and repeat purchases.

Remember that The Social Amiga is always at your disposal for any social media marketing needs you may have!

I hope these are simple and helpful for your Black Friday Sale! Let me know how it goes! Happy shopping everyone!

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